How to promote your franchise with World Franchising Group?

Dear participants of the franchising market!

We would like to introduce you to the projects of the international consortium World Franchising Group (WFG): "Franchising Encyclopedia" and "Franchise Supermarket", established by the European Association of Business Development (EABD) and the World Education, Science and Innovation Organization (WESIO) in 2022.

World Franchising Group is a special project for the development of the franchising market.

We provide a unique range of services for all market participants and offer universal conditions for promoting franchises of any complexity level and services from professional market participants:

  • by placing official information about your franchise or services for the franchising market (legal, consulting, advertising, information, expo, educational, financial, HR, etc.) on the unified portal of World Franchising Group (www.world-franchising.biz);
  • by placing information about your franchise in the worldwide franchise directory FRANCHISE SUPERMARKET (www.franchise-supermarket.com);
  • by placing advertisements on the homepage;
  • by providing an article;
  • by providing regular news about the activities of your brand;
  • by using a PR company, which we are ready to discuss with your profile specialists;
  • by participating in forums, conferences, exhibitions, and other events organized by the World Education, Science and Innovation Organization (www.wesio.org);
  • by using other services, which you can find on our portal.

You can already place your franchise today by filling out the form on the homepage of our website (don't forget to provide your phone number)!

The cost of services ranges from 20 USD per year to 30,000 USD, depending on the chosen participation format and the tasks set before our team!

By cooperating with us, you will ensure the effectiveness and prosperity of your business!