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Be My Franchise, SHOW REPORT, October 26 - 29, 2023


World-Class Franchising Stage: Bayim Olur musun's Global Impact

(Be My Franchise) Bayim Olur musun 21st Franchising and Branded Dealership Exhibition
Date: October 26 - 29
Venue: Istanbul - Yenikapı Eurasia Show and Art Center

Organized by Medyafors and principally sponsored by Redstone, the "Bayim Olur musun" (Be My Franchise) 21st Franchising and Branded Dealership Exhibition was deemed a significant success by participants and visitors. The exhibition welcomed a rush of 28,346 local and international visitors, reinforcing its status as one of the leading events in the global franchising industry.


Success of Participating Brands

Throughout the exhibition, over 200 participating brands signed a substantial number of franchise and dealership agreements with investors. Pre-agreements made with domestic and international investors during the event also significantly increased post-exhibition deal flow. Participants indicated that the effectiveness of this year's exhibition and the volume of relevant foreign visitors were unmatched by any previous event.

This year, the 21st "Bayim Olur musun" (Be My Franchise) Franchising and Branded Dealership Exhibition welcomed 27 international exhibitors from over 10 countries, including the Malaysia, USA, UK and others


The presence of the Malaysian Franchise Association was particularly noteworthy, with its ministerial-level delegation engaging in productive conversations at their comprehensive booth, which was supported by governmental incentives.

Their efforts were focused on positioning Malaysian brands within the Turkish market and using Turkey as a gateway to the wider international market.

The Malaysian Deputy Minister of Trade, Madam Puan Hajah Fuziah, underscored the significance of the partnerships that Malaysian brands aim to forge with Turkish and international investors at the exhibition.

 In her opening remarks, she lauded Medyafors and its Chairman, Özhan Erem, for their adept organization of the event, and expressed Malaysia's honor in participating."

In her opening speech at the 'Bayim Olur musun' Franchising Exhibition, Olga Azarova, who has established 73 schools across five continents over the past 23 years, including brands like Miniboss, Bigboss, and Leonardo Art School, highlighted their mission of creating special innovative additional education for young entrepreneurs. She emphasized their commitment to cultivating good entrepreneurs and leaders, underlining their vision 'to be responsible for ensuring prosperity in our future.'"

Visitor Statistics

  • Total Visitor Count: 28,346
  • 4,713 International Visitors from 55 Different Countries

This impressive number of visitors is seen as an indicator of the exhibition's impact among international investors.

Sectoral Importance
The exhibition is referred to as the third largest franchising expo in the world, highlighting its significance and influence in the industry.

Upcoming Events

The exhibition, embodying Medyafors' dynamic slogan "Enabling Profitable Encounters," sets the stage for future events:

These dates are already generating excitement for upcoming gatherings in the franchising world.

The "Bayim Olur musun" (Be My Franchise) 21st Franchising and Branded Dealership Exhibition, under the main sponsorship of Redstone, facilitated the inception of new and profitable partnerships between brands and investors. According to feedback from participating brands to Medyafors, the post-exhibition deal flow and the successful completion of the event by the brands are evidence of the exhibition's sustainable success and its contribution to the industry.

Moreover, nearly all brands participating in the expo have already secured their spots for the 2024 event, while many brand owners and managers who could not participate this year but visited as guests have made their pre-bookings for 2024 at the Medyafors Lounge set up in the expo area.

Medyafors: "Enabling Profitable Encounters."