15,000 best franchises. Choose your franchise and start your business today.

15,000 best franchises. Choose your franchise and start your business today.

What Is Franchising?

Franchising is a way for businesses to attract and keep customers. It involves a network of people sharing a brand name, business methods, and marketing strategies to satisfy customer needs. Franchising is a joint commitment to dominate markets and get more customers than competitors.

One common misconception is that franchisees "buy" a franchise. In reality, they invest in a system to use the brand name, operating system, and ongoing support. Franchisees are licensed to use the brand and operating system and are bound to use prescribed marketing and operating systems.

To be successful in franchising, you must understand the business and legal aspects of the relationship with the franchisor and other franchisees. You need to focus on working with other franchisees and company managers to market the brand and use the operating system to get and keep customers.

Other franchisees and company-operated units are not your competition. You work as a team to establish the brand as the dominant brand in all markets and ensure repeat business. Increasing the value of the brand name is a shared responsibility of the franchisor and franchisee.

An "ownership mentality" can be harmful to the success of franchised and company-operated units. As a franchisee, you own the assets of your company but are licensed to operate someone else's business system.

When considering franchising, look for a franchisor who is building a system of interdependent franchisees committed to getting and keeping customers, growing faster than the market and competitors, and doing it with high margins.