15,000 best franchises. Choose your franchise and start your business today.

15,000 best franchises. Choose your franchise and start your business today.

Tony Fitzpatrick about Franchising

1. What is the franchise in your opinion?

I think franchising is a fantastic business, it's fantastic for franchiser that can expand their business using other people's money and fantastic for the franchisee who can isolate all the risks of creating your own business, investing in one that is already justified and successful. In fact, you copy method marketing strategy that works. The franchise is much less risky than creating your own business independently.

Interesting fact: if we are going to open their business together from scratch, statistically we have only 55% chance that we will be able to stay afloat. Why? There are a lot of nuances. For example we can choose is not the correct location or not the right product or service or if we never did business before, we might lose money before you understand how to lead. If we pokupaem franchise together, statistically we have more than 90% of chance that our business will survive. If this scheme works for other people, and why it does not work for you?

2. How does the franchise?

You make a bid, you spend a large number of meetings, you should meet with other franchisee in the system and then to sign a contract, usually for 5 years and you pay for them. Then start training which cover all aspects of the business, especially sales and marketing. While franchiser will promote the further your ­­­­deductible, it is important for you to understand that you are responsible for your own marketing, on your own territory. Partially you will be helping franchiser, advising you and offering you tried and tested strategies to support you and get profit for yourself. This can be a percentage of turnover or royalties paid weekly or monthly.

You will get the territory for your sales, where you can operirovat. The territory is typically defined by the number of people that will at best be able to cover your business or it can be selected as a city, country or part of the city. But it must be analyzed to give you the opportunity to receive a good turnover from your investment.

In addition, you will receive a license which will allow you to use the company's name and trademark, which are used by the business. Franchising very inert, you need to be satisfied that this is the right franchise for you, and franchiser should be uweren that you have what it takes to be successful.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a franchise?

With franchising you have no problems associated with the business which you create yourself. These problems are already solved for you, you save a lot of time and a lot of money. You are your own boss, to pay yourself as much as you are able to earn, you have a stable income. If you want to leave the business, you need something to sell. You need to build a valuable customer base. And when the time comes to leave, somebody zaplatit you a premium for the work done.

4. I need to be successful?

Franchiser is looking for ambitious and motivated people, good managers with leadership skills and komunikatywnym. People who have a lot of Energie and enthusiasm and are not afraid of hard work. Achieving financial success is important, too, you must improve your ability to conduct business for the financial stability of your company.

Remember, the entry into the franchise is an important decision and most often of all it means change your career. Think about all this consciously, do your research and discuss the possibilities with your family and with your friends.

5. What if I never ran your own business? What assistance will I receive?

If you never had your own business, don't worry. Franchiser will give you all you need to put your new business on its feet and ensure its success. This will include the trainings, the involvement of customers, equipment and various tips for creating your business plan. Remember, he will not receive any money until you receive money. So it's in his best interest to maintain your vital functions. A franchise will give you brand that will be chosen among produktov with the same functionality and possibly with the same quality. Based on the psychology of buyers, people will go for the brand which they know and which believe.

The slogan of the franchise "You're in business for yourself but not by itself", you're part of the team that are here to help each other, exchange ideas and share experiences under the umbrella of a franchise to support.

Tony Fitzpatrick