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The EUROPEAN FRANCHISE FEDERATION was founded in 1972, in France, as a not-for-profit association to promote, defend and speak for the franchise industry operating in Europe. The EFF is recognised, notalby by the European Institutions, as the single authority in Europe which has as its mission to define the essential elements that constitute proper & ethical franchising. On this basis it has constituted a community of national franchise associations that share this view. It is with this mission that the EFF's community commits itself to uphold and promote the European Code of Ethics for Franchising.

In 1972, its founding members were the French Franchise Federation (FFF), the Italian Franchise Association (Assofranchising/AIF), the Belgian Franchise Federation (FBF-BFF) and the Netherlands Franchise Association (NFV).


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For  over  fifty  years  the  International  Franchise  Association  has  worked  to  educate  franchisors  and  franchisees  on  beneficial methods and business practices to improve franchising.

Franchising is a dynamic and evolving method of expansion and business ownership. Beginning with the adoption in 1970 of the first franchise disclosure requirement in California; working with the Federal Trade Commission to achieve the first national franchise disclosure rule in 1979; continuing with our efforts that contributed to changes to the federal Franchise Rule in 2007; and ensuring an ongoing constructive dialogue between our leadership and federal and state regulators and government leaders, the IFA has continually worked for improvements to pre-investment franchise disclosure and franchise relations.

Through the considerable and continuing efforts of our association and its members, the IFA has contributed to the growth and stability of franchising in the United States. It is because of the historic and continuing efforts of the IFA and its members to improve pre-investment disclosure and advance beneficial franchising practices that franchising is one of the most important vehicles today for the creation of small businesses ownership and jobs in the United States.

This Statement of Guiding Principles has been promulgated for and has been adopted by the Board of Directors of the International Franchise Association in our continuing effort to advance improvements in franchise practices and to enhance franchise relations. 


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